Russo-European Laika

The Russo-European Laika (Laika is Russian for barker), also known as the Karelian Bear Laika, was developed in Russia and Finland during the 1700's to hunt big game. Some dog historians claim this breed to be the same as, or a line of, the Karelian Bear Dog; however, in many countries, they are considered separate breeds and it is generally smaller than the Karelian. The owners of these dogs usually make their living by hunting. The dog barks at the prey and runs around it; the animal stops on the spot and freezes; the hunter shoots. These dogs can hunt bear, elk, boar and pheasant.

Height: 21 - 24" (53.3 - 61cm)

Weight: 45 - 50 lbs (20.1 - 22.3 kg)

Coat Type: A medium length coat which is black and white in color.

Temperament: The Russo-European Laika is independent and brave. It is not generally regarded as a house dog or pet.

Special Interest: These dogs can jump 6 ft (2 m), straight up in the air; so when a boar attacks, the dog just jumps straight up avoiding the attack! The Russo-European Laika is often born without a tail.

AKC: Not recognized
CKC: Not recognized
KC: Not recognized
FCI: Group 5
ANKC: Not recognized