Pet Parents Should Celebrate Mother’s Day Too

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The Family Pet

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), in 2012, pet owners spent more than $53 billion on pet supplies. Bob Vetere is the president of the American Pet Products Association and he states, “I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say pet humanization is evident in every category of the marketplace.” Since dog owners are humanizing their furry loved ones, it makes perfect sense for a dog mom to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Why Pet Parents Should Celebrate Mother’s Day

NAPPS is a nonprofit organization that dedicates itself to promoting animal welfare. According to, NAPPS encourages pet parents to celebrate Mother’s Day. John D’Ariano, the president of NAPPS, states “Caring for a pet is a rewarding experience that impacts a person’s life.” He continues saying, “The relationships pet parents share with their pet is a meaningful and loyal connection that will last through the years.”

If you perform ‘motherly’ duties, you are a mom to that furry little ball of joy. A mom nurtures and comforts, makes necessary sacrifices to keep her child happy, safe and secure. You take your furbaby to the doctor (vet) just as a mom with a human child would. You probably buy toys, treats and even clothes for your furry child. You love to see your child’s tail-wagging smile. You celebrate your furbaby’s birthday with gifts and special treats.

Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day With Your Furbaby

World’s Best Dog Mom Pajamas

Consider a comfy ‘World’s Best Dog Mom’ pajama top available through Cafepress for approximately $20. Get her a patterned pajama bottom to go along with it.

A Gift Basket

A gift basket is a great way to give her something special. Whether you choose chocolate covered strawberries or relaxing spa products, she is sure to love it. You can give her a vase full of vibrant flowers. There are numerous Mothers Day gift ideas to use as offerings whether they’re flowers, stuffed teddy bears or chocolate indulgence baskets.

All Wood Toy Box

While mom’s furbaby may not be able to pick up the toys, mom can have a beautifully crafted wood toy box nearby to place her furbaby’s toys in. This toy box is available in mahogany, antique black, artisan bronze and cedar through for $109.99 (free shipping).

Custom Pet Nose Print Necklace

Uncommongoods creates a necklace crafted from an imprint of her pet’s nose. This is a fun and memorable gift. The price of the necklace ranges from $210 to $290.

Visit the Local Dog Park

Get together at the local dog park with other pet parents. This gives your dog a chance to get exercise and socialize with the other dogs. Take along a bag of treats for the pups and some beverages for you and the other pet parents.

Curl Up and Enjoy a Movie

Lay on the couch with your furbaby and watch your favorite dog flick together. Consider watching 101 Dalmatians, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Beethoven or The Shaggy Dog.

Spend Your Day Outside

Take advantage of the fresh spring air and go for a walk together, play Frisbee or throw a ball around.

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