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A dog park is a facility set aside for dogs and their owners to exercise and play off-leash in a controlled environment. Parks vary in setups, but a typically is fenced, has separate, double-gated entry and exit points, a place to get water, and bags to pick up and dispose of waste. Dog parks are a great way to get the exercise your dog needs and to tire them out when you need to get some work done. They are also a great way to meet other dog lovers and hear about upcoming dog events.
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dog park etiquette

Dog Park Etiquette

Summer is here and and the dog parks are full. A lot of times when we go we get caught up in the moment watching all the other cute dogs and talking to their people. Remember these dog park etiquette/rules to make your visit better. Obey the rules. Always obey the regulations posted at the dog park. Be up-to-date of immunizations and flea/tick treatment. If there is a brawl, the last thing you want is the other pet not be immunized against rabies or for them to bring fleas. Be present. Leave the lattes, long necks, lunch, smokes and smart phones at home, you can catch up later. This is your dog’s play time, let them have fun and watch their interactions. Come prepared. Plastic bags, treats, water, etc… Never discipline other people’s dogs. Even if you are a trainer, if they didn’t ask for help don’t get involved. Always…
What to bring to a dog park

5 Things to Bring to the Dog Park

A exclusive by Teresa Barker Going to the dog park can be a rewarding experience for both dog and owner. Watching your canine loved one play with other dogs, get exercise, and socialize is a fun and free activity for you and your pooch. Before you jump in the car and head off, remember to bring the following items with you to ensure a positive experience at the dog park. Extra poop bags (to share and/or leave with others): Not every park supplies poop bags, or they may have run out just before you get there. My dogs always take the opportunity to poop as many times as they can on walks and on “new grass”. Don’t assume that they won’t go #2, just because they went at home earlier. Also, bring extras. It’s a great way to meet new people and we’ve all been in the embarrassing position when…