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Looking for a dog friendly hotel for your next vacation? Look no further! now offers dog friendly hotel reservations. No fees, nothing to sign up for, just a great list of dog friendly hotels for your next trip. Search below to find a hotel for you and your best friend.


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Detroit Metro Airport Unveils New Dog Restroom

Delta Air Lines, working in cooperation with Detroit Metropolitan Airport, has opened the hub’s first airside Service Animal Relief area near gate A-34 of the McNamara Terminal.    

Dog-Friendly Mosquito Repellent

A exclusive by Teresa Barker Whether you are camping, hiking, or lounging around your backyard this summer, there are bound to be thousands of unwanted guests, and nothing ruins a party like mosquitoes. All it takes is one person to say, “I’m getting bit” and the party is officially over, or the hiking is no longer fun. AND, if you are getting bit, your dog is getting bit. Bug spray or insect repellent is a booming industry this time of year, so it’s important to know what’s safe to share with your dog to keep the flying pests away. As an easy rule of thumb, ask yourself, if you were to lick bug spray off of your arm, would it be safe? If your insect repellent contains chemicals such as DEET, the answer is no. The great news is that the CDC, as well as the US Department of…
Abba with frisbee

Life is a Game – Playful tips for daily bonding with your dog

Remember when playing with your dog was a fun activity that you made you late for dinner? Just because you grew up doesn’t mean that you have to act old. Make time to play with your dog every day and experience the child-like joy that bonding with your dog through play will bring you. Play hide and seek with your dog’s favorite toys or small treats. This game may start with teaching your dog how to sit and stay. Start by having him sit and stay while you place a favorite toy (squeaky ones are a favorite in our house) where he can see it, but away from him (like across the room). Use your release word (ours is “OK”) and let him go fetch the toy, making sure to allow enough time to celebrate the reward of waiting patiently, by letting him dance around with his toy in his…

Leaving Your Pup for the First Time? 5 Tips to Give You Peace of Mind

 Leaving Your Pup for the First Time? 5 Tips to Give You Peace of Mind  0 Comments (via Vacations are a time for relaxation and an escape from responsibilities. However, if you are leaving a new puppy behind, it might turn you into a basket case. You wonder about their health and well-being, and whether or not they may be undergoing separation…  

Pet Travel Carriers: A Necessity When You Are on the Go

Pet Travel Carriers: A Necessity When You Are on the Go (via Pet Travel Carriers: A Necessity When You Are on the Go Whether you’re taking a trip to your local veterinarian or a trip across country, how to transport your pets is always a consideration. The right pet travel carriers can make your journey less…