Black Dogs are Often Misunderstood

Black dogs are considered by many people to be the most unfriendly, dangerous and troublesome canines, Humane Society insiders told Care2. It’s known as black dog syndrome.

For years the Winnipeg Humane Society, (WHS) staff and volunteers, along with many animal shelters and rescue groups, have been noticing that black dogs are being discriminated against, solely based on the color of their fur.

Traditionally, tales about black dogs (or cats) paint innocent animals as evil, in the form of familiars to witches and warlocks. Even today, these myths are frightening to some people.

Sadly, as a result of this strong prejudice against their color, black dogs are the first dogs to be euthanized and the last to be adopted.

Taking proactive steps to change how “canines of color” are perceived and fight this outrageous misconception about black dogs, last fall, WHS launched the “Black Dog Club”. With a goal aimed toward making a positive impression on the public, WHS’s holds regular “Black Dog Club Walks” throughout the city.

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