5 Natural Pet Care Tips

We pet owners love our pets and do our best to care for them. And while many of us use natural remedies for our own aches and pains, we might not be aware that natural remedies are suitable for a wide array of pet ailments, too!

Here are a few of my favorite recommendations for natural pet care.

1) De-stress pets with herbs. Pets feel stress just like we humans do. When times get overly busy, pets are left alone, we move or change our schedules, pets can feel their anxiety rise. Luckily, a few natural calming herbs that work on humans work on pets, too. Valerian is a calming herb many pets find pleasant. Simply sprinkle a pinch of fresh-ground valerian root on pets’ food to help calm them down. Soothing chamomile tea also works on pets. Brew a cup and let them drink a bit or soak a treat in it.

2) Avoid additives in pet food. Many pet foods are made with low-quality grain fillers, byproducts and artificial sweeteners. Read pet food labels and make sure the first two or three ingredients are good-quality animal protein: chicken, beef, fish, lamb or turkey. Also avoid foods that contain unidentified meat or bone meal, wheat gluten or chemical preservatives such as BHT, ethozyquine (a carcinogen), BHA and propylene glycol. Read more about healthy pet diets here.

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