Pets eat the weirdest things; pet proof your home

Pets do not have the most discerning palate and will occasionally eat the most baffling of things. When objects are swallowed that shouldn’t be, as a pet guardian you have reason to be concerned. Sometimes these foreign objects can pass through the digestive system without event, but when they cannot pass they may create a potentially fatal blockage requiring expensive lifesaving treatment. A "foreign body" can do significant damage to a pet’s intestines and, even with surgery, may cause lifelong issues.

Pet proof your home

Get a "pet’s-eye view" of your home. Get on your hands and knees and look at your home from your pet’s perspective. You’ll be amazed at the things you’ll notice that your pet might ingest. Keep small items that can be swallowed picked up and out of reach.

Know your pet’s habits. When was the last time you asked yourself "What happened to the other half of that dog toy?" Perhaps your dryer is not really responsible for that lone missing sock? Your home is your pet’s playground, and our pets enjoy the thrill of discovering a new chew toy.

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