Tips From a Vet: Is Your Pet Ready for Warm Weather?

While it was nice to have such a mild winter and such a warm spring, it could have some consequences come summer. The warmer weather could mean more ticks, fleas and mosquitoes looking to dine on your dog.

Luckily, La Grange Park has a new vet who knows her stuff.

Dr. Susan Dowd, owner of Arbor Animal Hospital, 14 E. 31st St., in La Grange Park, said it’s easier to deal with problems (and cheaper too) with a little foresight.

Since opening up her new clinic in La Grange Park, Dowd said the response from the community has been amazing. She’s seen over 500 pets since opening in March, with nearly half her clients from her former veterinary clinic in Riverside making the transition with her.

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