Sleeping with pets boosts chances of a good night’s sleep

Abba In Bed

Pets make less disruptive bedfellows than humans. while seperate research finds sleeping well makes you more likely to have positive memories.

An Australian study has found you are more likely to get a good night sleep if you share your bed with a pet rather than another person.

Researchers at the Central Queensland University conducted an online survey asking 13,000 people about their sleep patterns, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation says.

According to the lead researcher Professor Drew Dawson, 70 per cent of respondents said they were regularly woken at night, and a partner was more likely to be the reason than an animal.

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  • The Doogler

    I agree with this article. I find when I sleep with my dogs, I wake up far more rested and ready to start the day. Thanks for sharing!

    • doggeek

      Anytime. I thought it was timely for me since I was traveling, unfortunately without my dogs, and haven’t slept well in nights because of it.