Learn From Romney’s Mistake: Car Safety Tips For Dogs

Mitt Romney risks losing the support of pet-lovers at a crucial point in the Republican primary now that protesters have revived the story of him tying his dog to the roof of the car during a family trip.

Last year, Romney admitted to once putting his Irish Setter Seamus into a carrier strapped to the roof of his family’s car. Not only was he unaware that such an act is considered "cruel and inhumane" in Massachusetts, Romney said that Seamus enjoyed the dangerous seat and was likely more comfortable than he would have been inside the vehicle.

At a recent GOP candidates forum at the College of Charleston, two protesters held “Dogs Against Romney” signs and stood need a car with a giant stuffed dog placed in a crate on the roof.

To counter Romney’s uneducated car safety behavior, WebVet offers the following advice when traveling with your dog:

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