Water safety for dogs

Abba at the Beach

If your dog loves to swim, her favorite time of year is coming. The weather’s warming up, and that means taking the cover off the pool, or heading to rivers and lakes for day trips and long weekends.
But even dogs who take to water like big furry fish can run into trouble at the water’s edge. Keep your canines safe (if not dry!) this summer with just a little bit of prep and prevention.

Supervision. Don’t let your dogs walk, run, or play near a backyard pool, or nearby pond or creek, unless you can keep an eye on them. If you have a pool, fence it off for safety (this can prevent harm from coming to kids and cats as well); make it even more secure by installing an alarm that will sound when an object of a certain size – a Cocker Spaniel or a small child – falling into the water. Gina Spadafori’s helpful article suggests in-pool "escape ramps" as a good idea, but you shouldn’t rely on them exclusively.

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