5 Ways To Socialize Your Puppy

Taking ownership of new puppy is a very exciting time. These furry little balls of fun seem to have limitless energy and bring much enjoyment to your house. Of course, there is a more serious side to being a dog owner and you have a responsibility to ensure that they remain fit, happy and healthy. In addition to dog health issues, you have a duty to make sure that your puppy grows up to be a friendly companion. Here are five few tips that should help your puppy develop into a sociable dog.

1) Invite guests over

As soon as you get your new puppy you will of course want to show them off to the world. Exactly when the right time to do this is, depends on their behaviour. If the puppy is suffering from being separated from its mother then it can be wise to allow a few days for it to become familiar with both you and its new home. Once the puppy is a little more certain of its environment, you can then have a few friends over to say hello. Try not to have too many guests to visit at the same time, or your puppy might be a little overawed or shy. Also make sure that you keep a close eye on any children, who may be a little too rough while playing with the dog.

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