10 Things You Should Consider before Agreeing to Pet Sitting

Tweet 10 Things You Should Consider before Agreeing to Pet Sitting (via ForeverHomeWanted.com) Reposted with permission from NannyJobs.org When vacations and business trips come up for pet owners, they are often put in quite a bind. Boarding pets in kennels can be expensive, and many pet owners worry about the level of personal care and […]

The Advantage Of Dog Boarding Kennels

Tweet The Advantage Of Dog Boarding Kennels (via http://petsnthingsonline.com) If you own a dog, you would know the feeling of leaving your beloved pet for long periods of time. However, when there is a need to be away from home, leaving your canine alone could be a problem especially when you cannot bring your pet. […]

Get Fido The Best Pet Sitting

Tweet Get Fido The Best Pet Sitting (via http://petsnthingsonline.com) Get Fido the best pet sitting Concord has to offer by doing a bit of Pet Sitting Pet Sitting homework. No one wants to leave the four legged family member with just anyone. He is an important part of the family, and as such, everyone wants […]

How to Be a Pet Sitter

Tweet How to Be a Pet Sitter (via The News Eagle) Pet sitting is an increasingly popular service for millions of pet owners across the U.S. Pet owners need someone to look after their animals if they need to be away from home for any period of time. Customers are looking for trustworthy, reliable and […]

Before you hire a pet-sitter

Happy dog

Tweet A DogGeek.com exclusive by Teresa Barker There are so many details to plan for when going out of town on vacation. The one thing that you don’t want to have to worry about is whether or not your dogs are in capable, loving hands back at home. If you’ve decided that your dogs would […]

Pet-Sitter Checklist Before Going on Vacation

Pet sitter checklist before going on vacation

Tweet A DogGeek.com exclusive by Teresa Barker Ok, so you’ve found the perfect dog-sitter and she’s available the week you need to take off for your niece’s wedding, you leave in 2 weeks, so now what? With this handy checklist, you can be prepared, in advance, to make sure that you are relaxed and calm […]

How To Find A Great Pet Sitter

Tweet When you go on vacation and have pets, it can be stressful to find a pet sitter for your cat or dog . Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can find a neighbor or a friend who could stop by and feed your cat or dog , but that can become a big responsibility. […]

Keep pets safe while on vacation

Tweet Airline tickets? Check. Hotel accommodations? Check. Hold the mail? Check. Made plans for your pet? Heading out of town for a long-awaited vacation takes a lot of planning. If you’re a pet owner, you have the added task of ensuring that Heathcliff or Sasha is fed, exercised and well cared for while the rest […]

Ten Tips for Finding a Professional Pet Sitter

Tweet Going on vacation and unable to take your dog or cat with you? Pet sitters can be a saving grace! Many people, however, struggle to find someone they trust to care for their four-legged friends. In honor of Professional Pet Sitters Week, petMD.com provides the following ten tips for finding a qualified and professional […]

Pet-sitting gives owners peace of mind

Tweet Whether on vacation or working long hours at the office, pet owners are often worried about whom they can trust to care for their beloved pets — their “babies” — while they are away. PetzRFamily2, a mobile pet-sitting company, aims to ease those worries for pet owners. “I know how much I love my […]

Finding a reliable pet sitter

Tweet You’ve booked your next vacation or trip to visit family living far away, and have made all of the arrangements necessary. Except for who will watch your pet. Millions of people across North America are pet owners. Although hotels and restaurants are increasingly amenable to pets, a good number of people prefer the convenience […]

Choosing a Pet Sitter

Tweet We all know how hard it is to go on vacation and leave behind your furry friends. How can you enjoy your vacation while thinking about your beloved dog sitting in a cage at the vet’s office? It is important to find a reliable, trustworthy pet sitter to care for your fur babies when […]

Choosing the right dog sitter. Find the best pet care option for your best buddy

Tweet With all the get-togethers and parties we attend, poor Fido gets left home alone a bit more than usual. The holidays can be a stressful time for us, but it can also be a cause of stress for our pets too. One way pet owners can reduce the stress of this is to find […]