Hot model plays hot dog in car

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Make Car Travel Easy for Your Dog

Tweet ome dogs love to go for car rides, looking out windows and sniffing new smells. And then there are other types of dogs that need to be coaxed, whining and pulling back, into the vehicle. Some experience a tummy upset when they look outside the window. Others are just the opposite. As Jack and […]

What to pack when your dog is your copilot

Traveling with your Dog

Tweet A exclusive by Teresa Barker The sun is finally out, birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and the open road is calling. Although it may sound fun to hop in the car with your dog, open up all the windows and just drive, you won’t get far before you wish you’d packed him […]

Restraining Your Dog While Driving

Tweet After a trip to the Bagel bakery on Saturday morning, the Feldmans understood how dangerous it was to have their Bernese Mountain Dog unrestrained in the back seat of their SUV. While driving to the store, a driver cut off Ty, causing him to stop short. Although Ty and his wife were belted in, […]

Tennessee has a proposed law that would ban drivers from having pets on their laps while driving.

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Learn From Romney’s Mistake: Car Safety Tips For Dogs

Tweet Mitt Romney risks losing the support of pet-lovers at a crucial point in the Republican primary now that protesters have revived the story of him tying his dog to the roof of the car during a family trip. Last year, Romney admitted to once putting his Irish Setter Seamus into a carrier strapped to […]