Life in the Dog House – How to pet-proof your home

Dog proofing your house

Tweet A exclusive by Teresa Barker They say that curiosity killed the cat, but dogs are curious beings too! With their acute sense of smell leading them on household adventures, dogs can get into many toxic, unsafe or downright nasty things. Keeping the house safe for dogs is as easy and simple as what […]

How to pet-proof your new or existing home, inside and out

Tweet When Stacy and David Drees were relocating to Portland from Chicago, they had some criteria that complicated their search for a home: it needed to be accessible for their 8-year-old Golden retriever, Bubba. Bubba struggles with hip dysplasia and had surgery for a torn ACL, so the Drees wanted to find a home with […]

Pets eat the weirdest things; pet proof your home

Tweet Pets do not have the most discerning palate and will occasionally eat the most baffling of things. When objects are swallowed that shouldn’t be, as a pet guardian you have reason to be concerned. Sometimes these foreign objects can pass through the digestive system without event, but when they cannot pass they may create […]