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If being interested in everything dog related makes us geeks, then yes, we are Dog Geeks without a doubt! And if you’re frequently going online to research topics related to the life of your canine loved-one, well…you just might be a Dog Geek too!

We understand that trying to find quality information and trusted dog sources on the internet can be overwhelming, easily misleading, and after many wasted hours, can often leave you frustrated. We at DogGeek understand. Our founders (a husband and wife team with 4 furry kids) compiled a wealth of information after spending endless hours searching for dog services in their neighborhood and places to travel with their “pack.” Once they accrued a huge stack of resources, they wanted to give other dog owners access to what they found! They sorted through the latest information available, enlisted the help of some web and technology industry colleagues (all fellow dog parents as well), and created a comprehensive site for you to quickly reference and enjoy.

So – whether you’re looking for dog-friendly hotelspet servicesinformative articlesdog parks or a rescue in your area, DogGeek is here to help you start your search.

For the record, while we embrace our “geekiness” for all things web, we don’t claim to be dog experts in anything other than having a deep love and interest in all things dog. We simply want to provide a resource for other dog parents and pet care professionals to quickly and easily access information and services from all over the web. Heck, if your dog knows how to type, they’re welcome here too!

Rest assured, there are no robots finding and posting information on DogGeek. Everyone here is a dog mom or dad and here are some photos to prove it!

Got a question for us? Ask below and we’ll be back to you as soon as we can.

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