Canine 2.0: Wearable Tech Goes to the Dogs

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Wearable Tech Goes to the Dogs

What’s life without a dog? Fur-less clothes, solo hikes, nobody to push you off your own bed—if you ask us, that doesn’t sound like a life at all. Luckily, the latest wearable gear is built with pet longevity in mind. This canine-friendly tech is helping us better understand our best friend’s needs and lengthening the lifetime of unconditional love and companionship. From health and wellness tracking to tapping into Fido’s thoughts and feelings, these products help you keep tabs on your pets from head to tail.

Fit Fido

You have a Fitbit to fuel your fitness efforts, and now your pet can have one too. FitBark is a tiny, smart activity monitor that helps you understand your dog’s health and behavior by supervising his or her daily activity. All you have to do is attach this lightweight, bone-shaped tracker to your pet’s collar, download the app on your mobile device and let the insight begin. The app provides a comprehensive dashboard with details on your pet’s lifestyle and well-being. Complete with real-time status updates, you can also see how often your pooch is napping, playing or romping. Is Fido sleeping too much? Daily monitoring could be the necessary motivation to get both you and your pet off the couch and enjoying life.

Speak Up

Because dogs are innately happy, they tend to hide discomforts and symptoms of illness until it’s too late. For times when we wish our pets could speak up, there’s Voyce. This digital dog collar provides owners with in-depth knowledge into their pet’s health and well-being. What separates this device from others is its focus on preventative measures. The device tracks heart and respiratory rates as well as sleeping patterns, and then alerts users of sudden changes in activity levels or elevated heart rates, allowing for proactive decisions about a pet’s health. The goal is to provide a constant, long-term record of the dog’s health that can be given to vets, so they can spot gradual changes in health before they become real problems. According to the Voyce website, the device will be available for pre-order later this summer.

Play Tagg

Tagg Pet Tracker is a GPS tracking device that attaches to your pup’s collar. It monitors their whereabouts and notifies you if they have left the designated “safe zone.” Because safe zones can be uniquely customized, you’ll have added peace of mind whether you’re away from home or on a camping trip with your pooch. If your pet does leave the safe zone, you can use your mobile device to see your dog’s whereabouts and get driving directions to their location. This technology works best with a phone or tablet with a large screen and multitasking capabilities.

Ticket to Run

Doggy doors are a great way to afford your pets some independence and freedom. But it only takes one bad critter to ruin it for the pack. Keep the riff-raff out and re-establish your pets backyard privileges with Passport by Petsafe. This high-tech pet door works with an ID tag that is affixed to your pet’s collar. The tag triggers the dog door to provide exclusive exit and entry. You can also set the door for in-only access, out-only access as well as access only at specific times of the day.

Mind Reader

Ever wonder what’s going on in your pet’s mind? Curiosity got the best of the pet lovers at the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery. Using EEG technology and micro-computing, the NSID team is en route to breaking the language barrier between humans and pets. Through a noninvasive headset-like device you put on Fido’s head, the “No More Woof” is supposed to analyze a dog’s thought patterns and translate them into human speak. The device is not yet available; creators are currently working on finalizing a prototype, and fundraising efforts through Indiegogo raised $22,664 from eager pet parents ready to engage in canine conversation.

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