Eco-Friendly Gadgets And Tools For Your Furry Best Friend


You want to spoil your dog with the newest pet care products. However, you may also want to be mindful when buying the latest pet gadgets and accessories on the market and take into account the size of their eco footprint. Luckily, there are both high- and low-tech pet accessories that have been designed with the latest earth-friendly industrial materials and sustainable power sources. Take care of your furry friend, and the earth, with these eco-friendly gadgets and tools:

Dog Gadgets

GPS Tracker

The Whistle GPS Tracker attaches to your pet’s collar and lets you track their daily activity on your phone. The tracker comes with a rechargeable energy source, so you aren’t going through multiple batteries that will be discarded as toxic waste. The device sends you text and email alerts so you know what your pup is up to. It also provides you with food and medication reminders so you, or your dog’s caretaker, can take care of their health needs. You can use this tracker in tandem with a high functioning smartphone, like the Samsung Galaxy S7, which can accommodate the Android app for the Whistle GPS.

Earth Friendly Waste Bags

A low tech accessory that will respect both your pet, your neighborhood and the earth are biodegradable waste bags. Pogis Poop Bags utilize EPI technology that allows the bags to break down in as little as 18 months. The leak-proof pet waste bags are boxed in 100 percent recycled cardboard cores and other recycled materials. Plus, the bags have a fresh powder scent that will shield you from the water odor.

Eco-Minded Grooming Tool

The Balakie Grooming Brush is an earth-friendly item that will keep your pup’s coat in top shape. This low-tech tool has a practical design with an ergonomic, no-slip handle and a hidden button that can quickly separate the brush blade from the handle. The brush is made with eco-friendly material that’s non-toxic, non-polluting and safe to use. This accessory reduces shedding up to 90 percent and will keep your dog’s coat healthy and knot-free.

Energy Efficient Fencing

Keep your furry best friend safe, within the confines of your yard. Install an invisible fence that will monitor your pet’s whereabouts and ensure they stay secure when they roam outside. The Eco Extreme invisible fence batteries are eco-minded as a long-lasting energy source that will reduce battery waste. The company utilizes earth-friendly materials when building the batteries, so the battery technology is less damaging to the environment than many alternatives.

Video Monitoring and Feeder

Keep an eye on your dog when you are away, so you can ensure they are happy and safe within your home. The Furbo pet monitor is a means to interact with your pup, even when you are away from home. Furbo is a smart dog camera that will let you view, talk to and play with your dog. The Wi-Fi-connected camera can be accessed through your smartphone or tablet, so you can check in on your pet anytime and anywhere. Furbo can also serve as a container for your dog’s treats, so you can toss their favorite treats in the air for a game of fetch. This eco-friendly feature keeps you from wasting dog food that you may set out in your absence, and instead make sure they are fed in a sustainable and waste-free way.

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