Security Hacks That Help Keep Your Pooch Safe

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Your dog is more than just a pet and trusted companion, they’re an integral part of your family. And it turns out the majority of dog owners feel that way, too. According to the Humane Society of the United States, 66.7 percent of dog owners consider their dogs to be family members. While you would do anything to keep your fur baby happy, are you also making sure they’re safe? From keeping an eye on them while you’re away to making sure they obey you during an emergency, here are five ways to make sure your pet is always safe and secure.

Dog Safety Tips

Get a security camera

Have you ever wondered what your dog is getting into while you’re away? Take the guesswork out by using your home security system to help you keep an eye on your pet. A system with surveillance cameras allows you to monitor your dog from your smartphone whether you’re at work or on the road. To make sure you’re getting the best angles where your dog likes to play and curl up for a nap, install your cameras up high to get every angle.

Send them to school

You may think your furry friend is cute and playful, but others may feel he’s intrusive and threatening. It’s time to send your dog to school if he enjoys jumping on guests, wrestling and biting at other dogs or chasing neighbors. It can also ensure your dog is well-trained to respond in a dangerous situation, like trying to chase another dog across the street in busy traffic.

Stay prepared for an emergency

It’s not enough to keep a stash of batteries, a flashlight, bottled water and canned food for yourself in case of an emergency — your dog also needs essential supplies of his own. Make sure you have a plentiful supply of water, food, any medications and a blanket during cold months for your dog. You should also consider putting a few treats or toys together in case you’re out of power or stuck in the house for a long stretch of time and want to keep your their spirits high.

Pet-proof your home

Just like parents baby-proof their home, dog owners also need to pet-proof their home to protect their dogs from danger. Check that windows are locked and reinforced in case your dog decides to get curious about other pets on your block (like the cat in your neighbor’s front yard). You should also check that any plants are either put up high, in closed-off rooms or are non-poisonous. Take a walk-through of your home and look for dangerous items, like bug poison and chocolate, that could make your dog sick.

Prep your pet for good health

Regular check-ups with the vet just scratches the surface on what your dog needs to stay healthy. They should also be spayed and neutered, as well as microchipped and tagged.

Dogs also need plenty of exercises and nutritious dog food to keep them in optimum health. A dedicated dog walker or trip to the dog park can help dogs run off energy while making new lifelong friends. At the end of the day, your dog’s happiness is just as important as their health and safety.

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