Hi-Tech Gadgets That Could Change the Way Your Pets Live

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Hi-Tech Gadgets for Dogs

Dogs are finally getting their day as technology races to catch up to what their owners really want. In fact, Grand View Research reports that the global wearable pet market is expected to reach $2.36 billion by 2022. And that just accounts for the pet wearable market. There is also a growing market for monitoring devices, interactive toys and pet feeders. Fortunately, those gadgets aren’t just about novelty and fun, but can make a big impact on how your pets live. Here are five hi-tech gadgets to put on your dog’s wish list.

Wifi monitoring cameras

If you’ve ever wondered what your pup is up to while you’re at work, you can set-up an inexpensive monitoring system to watch them online. Protect your best friend and your home with a DIY security system. Lorex Technology offers indoor and outdoor wireless camera systems so you can monitor what’s going on at home whether you’re around the corner or across the country on a work trip. Their app can also compile a list of motion-triggered alarms so you know if your dog or someone else is in an area of your home they shouldn’t be.

Interactive toys

It’s a common worry for dog owners to wonder if their furry ones are feeling lonely or want a playmate when they’re flying solo. This is where interactive toys come into play. The Go Bone moves around on its own to challenge your dog and get him on his paws. You can even control it from your smartphone so you can play with him while you’re away from home. The ultra-durable bone can take a chewing or beating and still work great for the next round of play.

Smart collar

Dog collars have gone from basic to ultra glam to super smart with the Link AKC Smart Dog Collar. The GPS pet tracker keeps tabs on what your dog is up to and if your dog is safe. Bonus point that you can also monitor your dog’s health and his activity to make sure your best friend isn’t getting too hot or overworked. And just because this collar is ultra smart doesn’t mean it’s not highly attractive. It comes in high-quality leather in a range of sizing options.

Automatic pet feeder

It’s one thing to have a pet feeder to make sure your pups are getting fed every day while you’re out, but you can take charge of your pet’s unique nutritional needs with Petnet. Their automatic pet feeders schedule out your pet’s meals like a culinary pro and also measures out the portions right from your phone. Their app also helps figure out daily meal goals with recipes and ingredient ideas so you’re never left wondering if your dog is getting sound nutrition.

Activity trackers

Humans have been wearing FitBits for years, so why shouldn’t dogs? The FitBark helps take control over your dog’s health and get them moving again. According to FitBark, 54 percent of U.S. dogs are affected by obesity and represented the single largest epidemic of pets today. And it’s not just a cute gadget that keeps track of your dog’s activity levels and keeps them fit and sleek. The FitBark 2 was also created in collaboration with over 45 veterinary schools and research institutions that use the FitBark to study mobility and skin issues, nutrition, vision and other ailments facing dogs today.

Taking control of your dog’s safety, health and happiness creates a strong bond between you and your best friend and streamlines your daily life at the same time. Start with the tech that makes the biggest impact in your dog’s life and then branch out to those fun must-have gadgets you don’t want to live without.

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