Keep Your Dog Safe While Away: 6 Solutions for Pet Parents

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Looking into the solemn “don’t leave me” puppy dog eyes isn’t easy on the heart. For pet parents, our dog is our beloved fur baby — and the safety, wellbeing and even happiness of our pooch can weigh on the mind when he’s left behind. If you’re constantly concerned about your dog as you walk out the door, check out these five solutions that can give you peace of mind.

Secure the Yard

When you live in a state with beautiful weather like Florida, you (and your pet) spend time a lot of time outside and in the backyard. No matter how well-behaved your dog is, there’s always a chance that you pup will run away unexpectedly. This is why rescue organizations and shelters highly recommend installing a fence for dogs unleashed outdoors. You can’t trust that your pet won’t run away and go missing or get hit by a car without your supervision. You may also want to consider a fence as a barrier against the threat of another dog or wild animal intruding into your yard. Make sure to use a reputable and licensed provider like Florida State Fence.

Monitor Movement

Keep Your Dog Safe While Away: 6 Solutions for Pet Parents

To let your dog get some playtime while you’re away, allow your pup to freely move indoors and outdoors using the app-controlled dog door by SureFlap. Right from your smartphone, you can remotely open, close, lock and unlock the door only for your microchipped pet. The app alerts you of your pet’s movement to keep you updated of his whereabouts. Check in on your pet anytime from anywhere, while giving him the freedom to safely roam while you’re gone.

Connect with Petcam

Keep an eye on your pet using Furbo’s pet surveillance system designed to let you interact with your pooch and even toss treats as positive reinforcement. The camera’s two-way communication feature lets you actually speak to your dog, sending some love and comfort no matter where you are. Being able to watch your pup also ensures that you can quickly become aware of an emergency and take action. Barking can be a signal of distress as well. You can count on the system’s barking alert to notify you when your dog is barking, so you can check in to survey the scene.

ID Your Pet

One type of pet protection is to make sure your contact information is readily and easily accessible if your pet gets loose. PetHub’s digital pet ID tags take dog tags (and your peace of mind) to the next level by first creating an online profile on PetHub containing contact and personal information. The profile then links to the QR-coded tag or collar that when scanned with a smartphone, provides all of the information to whomever found your dog. The good samaritan can also visit and click “I found a pet” to access your lost pet’s info.

Dog-Proof the Trash

Not only is a trashcan knocked over (courtesy of your pet) an inconvenient mess, it can become a dangerous situation. The trash is full of potential dangers hazardous to your dog’s health, like raw meat or bones, plastic, glass, etc. Swallowing these hazards can lead to choking, perforate an intestine and at worst, cause death. One solution is to keep the trashcan in a kitchen cabinet or pantry and even attaching a cabinet lock as an extra defense. Pooch Proof also recommends investing in a durable dog-proof trashcan and lists great options with individual features.

Treat Separation Anxiety

It’s not uncommon for dogs to experience separation anxiety when they’re left alone. This affliction can cause pets to gnaw, scratch, chew and tear up the household. But more than the destruction, the panic and distress affects your pup’s overall wellbeing. Dog Time offers a guide of techniques that can help you and your pet combat separation anxiety, such as the desensitization process, so your pet can be at ease while home alone. Learn to establish a routine of calming steps to reduce anguish and give verbal commands or safety cues.

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