Your Furry Best Friend: The Ultimate Workout Buddy

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Working out requires a lot of mental motivation and incentive, however, the process of exercising can be less strenuous with a good friend. Utilize the pal that’s always around as your new exercise buddy: your beloved dog. Your furry best friend will help motivate you to be active and will benefit from the workout just as much as you. Here are some activities that you and your dog can do for a fun fitness experience.


Dog Friendly Workout

Take your dog for a run outdoors. Choose a fun environment that both of you will enjoy, like the beach or a large park with an extensive trail. Train him to stay at your heel and keep the same pace as the two of you run. This will keep him from running right in front of you and will also keep him safe at any intersection crossings. If you’re in an area that has more traffic, utilize a running leash. There are hands-free leashes that you can comfortably wrap around your waist.


Doga is a dog-yoga exercise that engages both the owner and the pet. The activity can bond you and your dog, as it provides a relaxing environment where the two of you are focused on one another. It is a gentle practice that includes lots of massaging, light stretches and relaxing. Doga can be practiced with any sized dog, as the poses can all be modified. There is minimal dog training for this exercise, though make sure they do receive a positive reward, like a small treat, after their doga session.


Enjoy the ocean breeze on a stand-up paddle board with your pup. A stand-up paddle board will usually fit both dog and human, as it’s 10 to 12 feet long, closely resembling a longboard surfboard. Your dog can sit at the front of the board or move around while you propel forward. The exercise provides a great workout for your upper body. It enhances your ability to balance and also gets you out into the fresh air. Any dog can enjoy the sport, regardless of size or breed. For enhanced safety, purchase a doggy life jacket for your furry friend and one for yourself, you’ll also want to wear sports sunglasses to help block any glare.


Embark into the great outdoors for a hiking excursion with your pooch. Outdoor exercise will stimulate both the body and mind of you and your dog, as natural terrain will test your physical limits and also provide a captivating workout environment. For long trips, have your dog carry their own dog backpack. Have them first wear the pack around the house or on walks in the neighborhood to get used to it. For the first hike, make sure the backpack is light. You can eventually increase the load, which can safely weigh up to one-third of your dog’s weight.

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