4 Fun Outdoor Activities to Enjoy With Man’s Best Friend

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Outdoor Dog Activities

As a devoted dog parent, you no doubt enjoy taking part in as many activities as you can with your beloved furry friend. Beyond keeping you both physically active, you relish this time together because the term “man’s best friend” means something special to you.

Outdoor Dog Activities

Already logged enough miles strolling through your neighborhood together? Perhaps now is good opportunity to mix it up with Fido and do something entirely different. Here are four fun and unique activities you and your dog are sure to enjoy:

1. Have Doggy Class Outside

Apparently, you can still teach a dog new tricks. Of course, teaching your dog new commands can be a lot of fun — and it’s also a terrific way to bond with your four-legged best friend. On nice days, head out to a large field and either teach your dog or provide a refresher on performing simple commands, like “stay” or “sit” while he or she is safely on a long leash.

Hold onto the end of the leash and tell your pup to “stay,” while slowly backing away. The goal is to get to the end of the leash without them moving. If your dog is an A+ student when it comes to following commands, you can also practice at a busier location like a local pet store to determine if they can handle distractions.

2. Go Camping and/or Hiking

If you and your dog are looking for something a bit more challenging than a brisk walk through a local park, consider going hiking and camping together. To get started, ask fellow dog lovers about their fave pooch-friendly places to camp and hike, or use Google to find a trail that will match both of your physical abilities and a nearby campground that accepts dogs.

3. Consider an Agility Course

Ever caught a canine agility competition on TV? Then, like thousands of viewers, you were likely amazed by the fact that dogs of nearly all sizes can learn to race up and down see-saws, go down slides, and zip through long fabric tubes. Of course, you can create a similar obstacle course in your backyard.

Start by setting out some hula hoops and sports cones and, if you think Fido is ready, encourage him to zip down your backyard slide. Additionally, you can encourage your dog to run through, over and around other various pieces of equipment. And since you’ll be running alongside him or her, these activities will provide great exercise for you both.

4. Enjoy a Dog-Friendly Restaurant Patio

Is your pooch usually well-behaved? Does he or she enjoy interacting with other dogs? If so, then you might enjoy heading to a local favorite bar or restaurant that offers a dog-friendly patio.

Of course, if you’re not sure which establishments cater to dogs, simply Google “pet-friendly restaurants” and you’re bound to see a wealth of results. Honestly, what’s better than enjoying a delicious meal or drink with man’s best friend at your feet — especially spots that offer free dog treats and water?

These four activities are a great way to fulfill your quest to get out more with your pup. As a bonus, he or she will certainly reward you with a wagging tail and a bright doggy smile.

November 8, 2017 |
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