Live The Good Life: 4 Home Upgrades For You & Your Dog

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4 Home Upgrades For You & Your Dog

When it comes to dog digs, some upgrades are beyond extravagant. Take Samsung’s new “Dream Doghouse” equipped with everything a pup could need to stay happy and healthy. This puppy has it all: a hydrotherapy pool, an AstroTurf treadmill for physical wellness, a paw-operated treat dispenser and a tablet hooked up to the TV for mental stimulation and entertainment.

4 Home Upgrades For You & Your Dog

Sure, your furry friend deserves to live in luxury, but at $30K a pop (yes, you read correctly), these doghouses would break the bank for mostly anyone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give your pet the good life (while upgrading your own home too). You’ll enjoy the extra perks and even increase your ROI. Check out these four home upgrades to keep both you and your pup mentally and physically happy.

Door to Freedom

Doggie doors and stylish homes are in constant battle like oil and water. That is, until now. Install a wooden doggie door and your pup will thank you. Vintage Doors fancy pet doors come in 12 different types of woods and premium styles. These upscale designs integrate swinging mini doors for doggies.

Keep in mind, dogs forced to hold their urine and bowel movements can experience serious health problems like bladder or kidney infections, bladder stones and even incontinence over time, according to Holistic Healthy Pets. Give your dog the freedom to go out every 3 to 4 hours to keep them healthy and happy.

New Favorite Spot

Windows help keep your dog’s brain active during the day while you’re away. Champion Comfort 365 windows have ViewMax frames designed and engineered to provide a maximum viewing area. Your dog won’t miss any of the outdoor action. An added benefit for fido? Your furry friend will get a much-needed dose of Vitamin D, which helps protect the heart, prevent osteoporosis and even possibly prevent depression, according to These window upgrades also are energy efficient, which saves you money in the long run.

Safe Haven

Many dogs struggle with anxiety issues. Your dog can get anxious if thunder strikes, too many guests come over or if you’re away on vacation (a.k.a. separation anxiety). Your dog needs a small area or room to de-stress and feel safe. This special spot should be windowless or draped with blackout curtains. Make sure your pup has food, treats and an open crate with blankets for your dog to get cozy in. offers stylish designer dog crates that can effortlessly blend in with an upscale interior design. The DenHaus ZenHaus Modern Pet Crate is an oval-shaped handcrafted dog den with a sophisticated and sleek look. It aesthetically blends in with decorative surroundings while giving your pup a comforting space to feel safe.

Interactive Care

The more time your pet gets to spend with you, the more his or her mental state can improve. After all, dogs love us more than they love themselves! A simple kitchen upgrade can virtually grow the love and increase your quality time together, even as you’re physically apart. The ICPooch Interactive Care for Dogs enables you to have two-way video chat with your dog while you’re away so the pup doesn’t get too lonely. It can even deliver a treat via smartphone to delight your dog even more. This handy device can also be used as video surveillance so you can monitor the behaviors and habits of your dog.

March 17, 2015 |
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