8 Ways to Spoil Your Dog This Weekend

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spoiling your dog

spoiling your dog

Your dog love you unconditionally so why not spend some extra time this weekend with your best friend? Here’s a few ways that you can spoil your pup.

  1. Road Trip! Who doesn’t love one? Get out of town for the weekend or night. Find a dog friendly hotel to spoil your buddy.
  2. Spend some time at the park. Everyone loves spending time outside in the sunshine! Get out to a dog park near you and do some socializing. It will be good for your dog to meet some new friends and who knows… you could meet some too.
  3. Get some new bling. Our dogs love running around "naked" for a while without their collars on, but they also really love when we put them back on. Why not hook them up with some new bling? Some our our favorite collars are from Earth Dog.
  4. Do a spa day. When most people think of getting pampered the first thing they think of is the spa so why not go? Get a dog groomer near you to give your pup the royal treatment.
  5. Enroll in dog day care so they don’t have to spend the work day alone plus they get to socialize.
  6. Learn some new tricks. Get your dog set up with a dog trainer.
  7. Get them hooked up with w new dog bed. Earth Dog has a great selection.
  8. Take them shopping. You don’t have to buy anything although I know they would want some treats ;-)

Have a great time with you best friend. They deserve it!


February 15, 2017 |
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