Tech to Help You and Your Dog Be More Active

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Tech to Help You and Your Dog Be More Active

Face it. You gave up on your New Year’s resolution five days in. You don’t walk your dog nearly enough. And, both you and Fido have packed on a few extra pounds over the winter. While resolutions are short-lived, you and your dog can adopt a healthy lifestyle that lasts all year long.

Go for More Walks With MapMyDogWalk

From hiking on trails to taking walks around the city, the MapMyDogWalk app records all of your outdoor adventures. Created by MapMyFitness and the dog lovers at Suburu, the app lets you log each of your walks, it automatically tracks how many calories you burn and even tracks your heart rate. Its interactive map lets you view where you’re located and how far you’ve walked. Its geo-tagging photo capabilities let you take pictures of your pet along your walk. Plus, you can log your workouts from the gym on MapMyDogWalk, so you don’t have to download an extra app to track your fitness progress.

Make sure you have a dog-proof device before you hit the trails. The HTC One M9 from T-Mobile offers UH OH protection, which includes a one-time replacement for water damage or a cracked screen.

Monitor Your Dog’s Activity Levels With Whistle

In addition to monitoring your own activity levels, you might want to monitor your pup’s, too. When paired with the Whistle Activity Monitor, the Whistle app can measure your dog’s activity levels and their rest to give you a closer look at his or her daily habits. The activity monitor looks just like a collar, which makes it easy for Fido to wear comfortably. With Whistle, you can keep track of your pet’s diet and monitor his or her weight with features like meal-tracking and goal setting.

Make Playtime More Fun With GoDogGo Fetch Machine

Every active dog loves a game of fetch, but tossing the ball over and over again can quickly wear out your throwing arm. However, you don’t have to give up your pet’s favorite game. The world’s first fetch machine, GoDogGo, is an award-winning device that’s designed specially for dogs. Use the remote to control when the ball is thrown or sit back and use its automated setting which allows your pet to play independently, just as long as he or she returns to the ball to the bucket. Each Fetch Machine comes with three tennis balls, but it can also launch other balls like Kong balls, HyperPet balls and racquet balls.

Track Your Pet With Tagg

Tagg is the world’s most popular pet tracker. And now, Tagg has an app. When your pet is wearing the Tagg pet tracker collar, you can monitor his or her activity levels around the clock. In addition to having access to important health-related data, the app gives you a real-time location of your pet. If Fido is a curious escape artist, Tagg can help keep an eye out for him. The app will even send you an alert via text or email when he or she leaves your previously designated Tagg zone to ensure he or she gets home safe.

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