Canine in the City: Create Harmony Between Your Dog & Apartment

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Create Harmony Between Your Dog & Apartment

There are a number of dog-friendly cities that offer basic and unique amenities that you and your pup can enjoy. Gear up for apartment living with the right pet accessories, training methods and other essential pet care resources. Here are some tips that will help you create harmony between your dog and your apartment.

Create Harmony Between Your Dog & Apartment

Dog-Friendly Cities

Find a city that will accommodate you and your pup with its pet-friendly services and apartment options. San Diego has excellent weather for dog-walking and outdoor recreation, as well as many off-leash puppy parks and beaches. There are a total of 16 off-leash zones where your pup can freely play.

Austin, Texas, boasts 18 off-leash dog parks, for your dog to socialize. The city also has Doga, which is a yoga studio that integrates your pets into your yoga practice. Austin has many apartment buildings that offer dog-friendly units, which require a pet deposit fee. Once you’ve moved to the city, you and your leashed pup can go on one of Austin’s guided walking tours and discover all the wonderful things the city has to offer.

Seattle, Washington, is another exceptionally pup-friendly city. The town has many restaurant patios, bars and shopping centers, where you and your pet can relax and hang out. Montana Bar is a quintessential grunge-style, Seattle bar which allows dogs inside of their establishment. The University Village Shopping Center is an outdoor mall, where many stores will allow well-behaved dogs indoors.

Reliable Dog Walker

Make sure your dog won’t become too riled up or lonely in your tiny apartment, when you’re away at work. Invest in a reliable dog walker, who will take your dog out for some much-needed exercise. Affordable dog walkers can be found aton Doggeek in our dog sitter section. The site will provide reviews and references for available walkers so you can find the perfect fit for you and your pup.

Essential Training

Make sure you and your dog are set up for cohabitation success, with thorough dog training. A puppy or a new dog will need lots of initial attention and extensive training. Utilize books and online video tutorials for at home training, many of which are just as valuable as in-person classes. Train your dog within your home, so you can react to undesirable behavior that’s relative to home preservation and overall obedience. Professional dog trainers recommend the following books: “The Culture Clash,” “Before & After Getting Your Puppy” and “The Power of Positive Dog Training.”

Necessary Accessories

For the first few months, you should keep your dog in a secure kennel while you’re away from home. This will ensure the security of your belongings and ensure your dog doesn’t do any irreparable damage to your apartment. Make sure the kennel is adequately sized so your dog can roam around and not feel abandoned in a claustrophobic place. Place a doggy bed in the kennel for extra comfort. If your dog is a breed that is known to burrow, provide them with extra blankets so they feel safe and secure. Once your dog has learned the rules of the house and can be trusted, you can let them roam outside of the kennel. Make sure you have a basket of dog toys, so they will have chew-toys that will preoccupy their time and keep them out of mischief.

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