4 Apps for Dog Owners

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4 Apps for Dog Owners

Let’s face it, the saying about your dog being your best friend is true. He’s smart, fun and loving. You can’t ask for more in a pet. Technology has given us apps for everything and your best friend is no exception. Here are four fun, easy-to-use apps for your dog that you’ll really dig.


People carry pictures in their wallets of their kids and people carry pictures in their wallets of their dogs. If you’re one of them, you’d love this app.

PetSnap is a smartphone app that helps you get a really good photo of your dog. If you can’t get him to look at you, tap the sound button! There are 32 sounds to choose from that will definitely get his attention. It gives you seven different photo frames to choose from and six review windows to automatically check out the shot. It has a zoom function and allows you to capture your pet anywhere. This app is great for smartphones and devices with high-definition displays.

PetSnap is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Dog Training

Any dog-friendly app list wouldn’t be complete without a dog training app.

Unless you’re a dog trainer, it’s hard to teach a dog new tricks. This app will help you do it with a relatively no amount of stress. It’s an extremely easy app to use. There are 12 commands in all. After you choose one, you will be shown how to train your dog via step-by-step instructions. The guidance is simple to understand and you will have your dog doing what you what him to do in no time.

You can download Dog Training via Google Play or the App Store.


This is a great way for you and your dog to get outside and walk together.

Created by MapMyFitness and Subaru, MapMyDogwalk will map out your walking route by using GPS. The app also has map pins so that you can find dog parks and other dog-friendly locations. The app can even locate the nearest location of a water fountain. You can log walks, track calories and measure your walk distances and speeds, too.

The app has geotagging features for any photos you may take on your walking journey and sharing options, as well.

MapMyDogwalk is available for both iOS and Android devices.


If you feel that your dog needs more socializing, look no further than DoggyDatez.

While you and your dog are out for a walk, the location-based app can help you meet up with other people out for strolls with their furry friends. You “mark your territory” in the app to take possession of an area. Later you can check back to see who checked out your territory. While you’re on your walk, check your location within the app to see if other users are close.

DoggyDatez gives you search options, too. You can search users by gender, dog age or dog breed. You can play games and compete with other users to get on the TopDogs list and sharing features are available.

DoggyDatez is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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