How to Memorialize Your Pet & Heal Your Heart After a Loss

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How to Memorialize Your Pet

Your pet is a part of your family, and losing a pet can be as devastating as losing a human family member. Once you have recovered from the initial shock of your loss, it is time to plan a funeral or memorial service for your pet. There are several things you can do to memorialize your furry loved one and the joy he or she brought to your life.

Cremation or Burial

The first thing you must decide is whether you will bury or cremate your pet. You may choose to bury them in a favorite spot in the yard or some other place that has special meaning. You may also choose to cremate your pet and keep the ashes in a special place in your home or in a piece of jewelry close to your heart. There are many places around the country that offer pet burial and cremation services. These establishments handle your pet with dignity and provide after-care services and support for you.

After you make this decision, you may wish to create a memorial garden at their grave site or in your yard. You can purchase a pet-specific headstone or memorial stones to immortalize your pet’s earthly journey. A small bench or reflective pool is also a great choice. You can also plant flowers and plants or a small tree to show your love for your pet.

The Memorial Service

A memorial service not only serves as a way to honor your pet’s impact on your life, but it can also provide closure for you and help you heal. You can have a private service with a few close friends or family members, or you can have a larger event and invite those who knew and loved your pet. Many funeral homes will accommodate your needs. There are also pet memorial companies and pet funeral providers who can assist you. They will help you with choices of music and poetry or other readings. You can also have sympathy flowers from FTD at the service to honor your pet.


Your pet is always in your heart. However, many people like to have tangible reminders of their pet, something they can see and touch. There are numerous things you can do in this arena. A plaster cast of your pet’s paw print or nose print are great ideas. Your veterinarian or pet memorial company can assist you with this task. Another great idea is a locket with clippings of your pet’s fur inside. There is an old poem entitled “Old Dog in a Locket” that will help you with this. A piece of jewelry or painting for your home are also ideas that you can choose.

Losing a pet is difficult and have a lasting impact on your life. The memories never go away, but with time, the pain will subside. Taking the time to honor your pet through a memorial service and other avenues honors their pawprints on your heart, and allows you to heal and remember them with happiness instead of sadness.

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