Sit, Stay, Go Viral: How to Make Your Dog an Internet Star

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How to Make Your Dog an Internet Star

How to Make Your Dog an Internet Star

The Internet has gone to the dogs. It seems like our pets are taking over popular social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. You can barely scroll through your feed without passing a talking dog or a cute puppy. And these dogs are rising to fame for their funny and adorable antics. Here’s how you can elevate your dog to celebrity status:


You’ve probably liked a photo of a cute nose or wagging tail once or twice on Instagram, and it seems like the pups are taking over the photo-sharing app. We know their owners are the ones behind the camera, but it’s the dogs of Instagram who really steal the show. Boo and Buddy, a pair of adorable Poms that resemble huggable teddy bears, have more than 609,000 followers. Trotter, a black French bulldog living in San Francisco, is followed by more than 209,000 dog lovers. And it’s no wonder. His fun and sometimes ridiculous outfits are hard not to like. He doesn’t seem to mind all the attention. If you’ve got a camera-ready pup, follow the example of these pet moms and dads to make your pooch an Instagram star.

Documenting your dog’s daily life is a great way to share the special moments with friends, family and fellow dog lovers. Just be sure not to over share, or you might end up in the doghouse for posting too many cute pictures.

Snapfish Photobooks

Preserving memories of your pet is easy with Snapfish Photobooks. Choose from a hardcover or a softcover photo album, and fill the pages with pictures of your beloved dog. Consider a layout that shows your pup in every stage of life, from puppy stage where he chewed on everything but his toys to his graying years when he preferred taking naps on the sofa to fetching a ball. It’s easy to design a photo album; you can just use your tablet. Once you’re finished designing your album, you can order your 150-page photobook directly from the website.

If you need some glamour shots of your pooch, head to PetCo. Most stores offer professional pet photography services. Just call ahead to schedule your sitting time, and be sure to exercise your dog before coming to the store to have the photos taken. Don’t worry if your dog is wiggly or excited — the photographers are trained to always capture the best moments.


Remember Boo, the adorable Pomeranian who has taken over Instagram? Well, his cuteness has gone viral. With more than 14 million likes on Facebook, Boo is also the most popular dog on YouTube. And he’s in good company. Other four-legged YouTube stars like Miska, the talking Husky, and the guilty Labrador named Denver have also gained viral fame. You never know when your dog might do something that the Internet will find hilarious. Keep your recording device on hand to capture those funny moments.

While most YouTube clips come from smartphones, editing your recordings is not impossible. By using a stock video website like Shutterstock, you can add high-quality clips to your YouTube production. Shutterstock also offers a selection of royalty-free music to choose from. With a funny clip and a few editing skills, you can make your dog a YouTube star.

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