What to Leave for the Dog Sitter When Traveling


Dog Sitter Tips

No one wants to leave their dog at home when traveling, it’s like going without your best friend! Sometimes you have to though and when you do we like to our’s to be able to stay at home so we get a dog sitter. Dog sitters are great! Not only do your pets get to stay at home, you also get a house sitter and sometimes, with multiple dogs, it ends up being cheaper than boarding. When leaving though, always check the list below to make sure you left everything the dog sitter will need.

  • Food – Always leave more food than the amount needed for the days you are away, you never know if you may be extended due to other circumstances.
  • Food bowls – Make sure the food bowls, scoops and anything else needed is out for them to find.
  • Medications – Leave out all the meds your dogs need along with exact instructions on how to give them and how often.
  • Emergency Contact – You may not be available if an emergency happens. Always have a backup plan in place and let them know they are the backup plan.
  • Toys – Make sure all your pup’s favorite toys are out. The dog sitter may not know where to get them.
  • Crates – If your dogs are crate trained and that is their safe place, ensure that it is open and accessible.
  • Treats – Ensure these are out but also ensure that you leave instructions about how and when you give them. Last thing you want is to come home to a dog that has been getting 10 treats an hour.
  • Old towels – In case of accident, you don’t want your good towels used ;-)
  • Poop bags – You know you want them to clean up!
  • Your contact information and itenerary – This way your dog sitter knows where you at and when they can get in touch with you.
  • Collar – Make sure your dog’s collar is on and that the contact information is readable just in case they get out.

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July 21, 2014 |
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