5 Non-Fireworks Tips for a Safe 4th

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July 4th Safety Tips for Dogs

July 4th Safety Tips for Dogs

As everyone knows, fireworks scare most dogs. But as we celebrate our independence, keep in mind these other safety tips to ensure you best friend has a great 4th too!

  • It’s hot out and you may have friends over. Make sure that fresh water and access to shade/indoors is always available so that Fido can escape the crowd and cool off.
  • Keep those cold cocktails and beer on high ground. When a crowd is around drinks often end up in low places that the pups can reach.
  • Watch the food and deserts. That card table may not be tall enough or sturdy enough to keep the hot dogs away from the dogs. Cakes and chocolate are dangerous so keep everything on high ground.
  • Keep a lid on it. Ensure all of your trashcans have lids so that no one goes dumpster diving and bringing out embarrassing gifts.
  • Remember these summer foods that are poisonous to dogs:
    • Grapes/raisins
    • Onions
    • Avacados
    • Tomatoes
    • Garlic
    • Rhubarb

Have a safe 4th from everyone at!

June 30, 2021 |

Dog Sitter Business Tips

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dog sitting tips

dog sitting tips

As a frequent traveler I have to leave my pups at home a lot more than I would like to. Fortunately, my wife and I have been lucky enough to find some great dog sitters and house sitters to take care of our “kids” when we’re out. Unfortunately though, each sitter always forgets to do a couple of things that we think would take them from being a good dog sitter to a great dog sitter that we would promote more to all of our friends and family. Add these things to your list and you’ll win us over as clients for life!

  • Check in each day with a text to let us know how things are going, nothing fancy, just let us know you’re really there.
    Important though to remember that we’re traveling and may not be on the same time zone so don’t make it too early or late. 
  • Send a photo of the pups having fun or lounging around. It just takes a second and reinforces the fact that our pups are safe.
  • Leave a note for uswhen we get home. It leaves your client with a warm and fuzzy to ensure they call you next time.
  • Invest in Square, PayPal or other ways to take credit cards. Sure, cash is king, but after I see that note you just left I can’t leave a cash tip when you are gone.
  • Create an email list and use a service like MailChimp to send out emails around the holidays to remind people to book your services before all of your time is taken. It doesn’t cost much and is easy to use. 
  • Create a small website. Use a service like Blogger, WordPress, WIX, etc. that is free. That way people can have your contact info and find you.
  • Create a Facebook page and Twitter feed. It may seem useless to you, but it will help people find your site and give a place for your clients to say good things about you. When was the last time you bought something without a review? This will help you get them. 

The bottoms line is that people’s dogs are their family. Just as when you are traveling without your wife or kids, you always like to hear from them or check in. With your pups, you can’t always do that so be there to help put our minds at ease. These tips will help you get more clients and help ensure that your current ones stay with you.

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Before you hire a pet-sitter

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Before you hire a pet-sitter

Find a dog sitter near you

A exclusive by Teresa Barker

There are so many details to plan for when going out of town on vacation. The one thing that you don’t want to have to worry about is whether or not your dogs are in capable, loving hands back at home. If you’ve decided that your dogs would be most comfortable at home while you’re gone, in their own environment, then you will be looking to hire a pet-sitter.

Here are a few considerations when looking for the perfect pet-sitter for your dogs. Use this list at least 2 months in advance of your vacation to avoid last-minute stress and frustration, and to make sure that your travel dates aren’t already taken by your first-pick candidate!

  1. Ask your friends for referrals.
    While it might seem easy to pay your co-worker’s college-aged daughter to watch your dog, you will want to find a pet-sitter that isn’t “doing you a favor.” Ask all of your dog mom and dad friends who they use when they go away. Your vet and your locally owned pet supply store can also be a great place to seek referrals. If you are new to your area, check out our section right here at for sitters in your area.
  • Interview as many people as you can.
    The initial meeting is a great time to “size-up” candidates. From personality to qualifications and experience, you will want to be comfortable with the person sleeping at your house and caring for your special loved ones. Ask questions! Whether he/she knows pet CPR, if they licensed and bonded, if they carry insurance, and how much they charge, are questions that will help you compare candidates based on what is most important to you.
  • Ask for a list of references. Then call them!
    This is a good step once you’ve narrowed your search down to a few candidates. Ask for details about the type of care that was provided to the referenced client. For example, did the pet-sitter provide overnight care for a series of days (live-in service) or just come by for feeding/watering/walking services? Also, ask about the details of the types of dogs the pet-sitter candidate cared for. Do the references have small or big dogs? More than 1 dog? Look for details in a pet-sitters experience that resemble your home environment.
  • Arrange a home visit before you hire.
    This is a good step in assessing your potential dog sitters’ ability to interact with your dogs. Does he/she seem confident and loving? Is he/she asking you questions that are important (emergency contacts, vet info, favorite toys, sleeping/eating schedule)?  Most importantly, do your dogs like the potential candidate? Dogs are intuitive, so they will be able to read if someone genuinely likes them.

Leaving your dog while you are away on vacation can make a supposedly relaxing experience very stressful. You can reduce your anxiety by taking the time to hire a competent and experienced pet sitter to provide your dog the love and care it deserves and the piece of mind you need to enjoy your vacation!

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