For the Busy Pet Parent: How to Balance Life With Your Pets

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How to Balance Life With Your Pets

Pets truly enrich our lives with unconditional love and loyalty. Though we do our best to keep their tails wagging, balancing work, family and household responsibilities can leave your furry family members wanting more attention. Of course, nothing replaces giving your pet your undivided attention but, for times when multi-tasking is a must, you can still entertain Fido while getting things done around the house. Combine your daily tasks and your pets’ play time with the help of these innovative games and toys:


There’s something about a freshly stacked pile of clothes that just begs to be burrowed in—at least, your dog seems to think so. When your pup just can’t wait to rub his fur all over your crisp, clean clothes, distract him with something far more enticing, like an automatic fetch toy like iFetch. The device enables pet owners to train their fetch-loving friends to play on their own. The device works by loading it with a tennis-like ball that then shoots out up to 30 feet. Trained dogs can fetch and reload the ball for hours of fun; or, you can help your pet out by loading it for him.

Will Work for Kibble

Working from home has many advantages: no more sitting in traffic, clothes are optional, and best of all, no more office distractions. Or so you thought. Sure, your co-workers aren’t around to interrupt your flow, but your four-legged colleagues can prove far more demanding. Pets seem to find the most inopportune times to make their needs known. Perhaps they’re putting in their two cents during an important client call or jumping on your lap to join a virtual meeting. When the distractions become overwhelming, its time to set some boundaries. Since you’re now home to monitor your pet’s behavior, invest in some interactive toys that can keep them occupied while you work. For instance, a food puzzle game or treat dispenser will keep your pooch mentally stimulated while you tend to work matters.

Game Time

You’ve had a long day at work, the kids are occupied playing video games and Fido is begging for attention. Make your two-legged and four-legged kiddos happy with hands-free gaming that allows them to interact with their furry siblings while still allowing for some virtual fun. The hands-free capabilities of gaming consoles like Xbox One enable users to enjoy their virtual experience while multi-tasking real-world duties, like playing with Fido.

Dinner Table Antics

Whether you’re making dinner or eating it, your pup will likely be standing guard. It’s never pleasant trying to eat with a pair of puppy dog eyes on you. Some pets take it to the next level and implement whining and scratching to get what they want. Giving in only encourages bad behavior. Treat-stuffed toys offer a great way to keep your pet both occupied and satisfied. Next meal time, try using a treat game like a Kong Classic that enables your pet to chase and chew his wobbly toy in search for treats.

November 7, 2014 |
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