Get Out of the House for Some Furry Fun Times

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Get Out of the House for Some Furry Fun Times

Does your dog love adventure as much as you do? Do you want to bring your furry friend with you when you hit the open road? Depending on the dog’s size and temperament, you may be able to do just that with a little bit of preparation and the right gear. Motorcycle rides, hiking, camping, and other fun vacation and day trips are more fun and relaxing when you bring your dog along.

Hiking Trips

Take your dog with you when you go hiking and you’ll both get the benefits of physical exercise in the great outdoors. Erica May, outdoor enthusiast and REI contributor, regularly takes her dog Kiwi with her on hiking and backpacking trips. She’s advises to always plan ahead and check dog regulations for the trails and areas you want to explore, because some don’t allow dogs. She suggests being prepared for emergencies, possibly taking a first aid class, to be able to take care of your pet in case of injury while out on a trail. May finds a sturdy, short leash works best to keep good control of Kiwi, which is especially important around other people with dogs. She advises dog owners to be mindful of their dog’s physical condition before going on long trips.

Let’s Go Camping

The CampTrip Team says it’s important to prepare a dog camping checklist when you want to take your dog camping with you. She advises bringing the dog’s dog license ID and rabies tags, leash and collar, and a 20 foot lead and stake to hold it. Also bring a dog carrier, crate, or harness and hand wipes, paper towels, and air fresheners for unexpected accidents in the car, as well as poop bags to clean up after your dog wherever you go. Camping dog owners should bring a first aid kit, especially for the dog, that includes things like rubbing alcohol, gauze, vet wrap that sticks without pulling out hair, tick release and tick tweezers, styptic powder to stop bleeding, an extra sock to put over a paw if injured, and first aid gel for pets. She advises making sure the campgrounds are pet friendly and bringing your pet’s dog bed with for something familiar.

Motorcycle Trips with Fido

How can both you and your dog stay safe while on a motorcycle/dirt bike? The right gear from places like Bike Bandit comes in handy when you need gloves, helmet, or tie-downs. Wes Siler of Indefinitely Wild says that bigger dogs require a sidecar for motorcycle trips, but that there are still safety considerations to be taken seriously. He says riding on the open road is more stressful and risky than car rides for dogs, and they need safe restraints for sidecar rides. He uses a harness clipped securely inside the sidecar, but not with the collar, to avoid transferring any traveling forces from braking or stopping to the dog’s neck. He advises motorcycling dog owners to take care to condition their dogs to the new experience of riding with them with short slow trips near home before going out on longer trips.

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