How to Turn Your Misbehaving Pup into Your Dream Dog

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Dog Training

Your dog is your furry best friend, though he isn’t always on his best behavior. Don’t let your dog develop bad habits that leave you in a state of frustration — instead, utilize techniques and tools to ensure good behavior. With these gadgets and tactics, and a lot of consistency on your part, your pup can learn how to behave.


Dogs are smart and can easily pick up obedient habits, if they’re trained correctly. The earliest time to begin training is around four months — the older your dog is, the more difficult it will be to train them. You can teach your dog simple commands like “sit” and “lie down” if you model them yourself. First, say the one-word command, demonstrate the desired action and then give praise once the action is performed. The tone of your voice is something you should pay attention to; it is more important and effective than the specific words you use. When your dog has picked up the desired action and performs it well, make sure you reinforce their good behavior with a treat. Food is an excellent form of positive reinforcement when you begin the initial training, though eventually your dog should be weaned off the constant reward of treats.

Interactive Toys

If your dog tends to destroy items in your home or get into trouble when you’re away, there are simple measures you can take to stop this behavior. Interactive toys are a useful tool that will keep your pup entertained and reduce the likelihood of inappropriate behavior. Choose different kinds of toys that are engaging, like plush toys, squeaky toys, ropes, rubber bones and dog puzzles. Try out a variety of different toys, so you can find one works best for your dog.

Another interactive toy is a dog bone or stick that your dog can gnaw on for hours on end. Choose a chew or bone that is specifically meant for hours of gnawing, so your dog doesn’t end up with any bone shards cutting his mouth. Only Natural Pet has a variety of bones and bully sticks to help keep your dog out of trouble.

Remote Monitoring

Many dogs have separation anxiety when you are gone for extended periods, which results in bad behavior. You can keep an eye on Fido when you’re out of the house with a home camera security system. Install cameras around the exterior and interior of your house so you can check in on your dog and catch any inappropriate behavior. Lorex has top-quality HD security camera systems for reasonable prices to help you stay connected with your pup. Access live footage from your phone. Lorex also carries some products with two-way audio so you can give your dog commands from wherever you are.

Invisible Fence

If your dog has a proclivity to run away, he is at a greater risk of physical harm. Correct this unsafe misbehavior with an invisible fence to keep him in your yard. You can set boundaries around your yard with the invisible fence posts and have your dog wear a special collar with a receiver to keep him within the boundaries. When your dog’s collar receiver crosses into the signal field, he will be warned with an audible tone, then there will be a gentle static correction that reminds him he’s passed the limits of his boundaries. You can adjust the correction level so it is safe for your pet, depending on his size.

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