Ways to Travel Safely With Your Fur Baby

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Ways to Travel Safely With Your Dog

If you’re a pet parent, we’re sure you love your pets just as much as your children. You play with them, feed them, give them shelter and give them unconditional love. If you’re thinking about traveling with your dogs, you should. Vacationing with pets can bring you closer to each other. But before you start the engine and go, you’ll want to make sure that your pets are safe and secure in your car. You might be used to holding your furry friend in your lap when you take trips to the pet store or to the vet, but this is a long trip, so you’ll need to be safer than that. Plus, you need to keep your hands on the wheel, not on your dog.

Ways to Travel Safely With Your Dog

Essentially, you have three options when it comes to securing your dogs in the car. You can use a harness, crate or car seat. The one you pick will depend on the size of your car, how much your pet weighs and how comfortable your dogs will be.

Car Seats

These are typically shaped like baskets and your dogs are lowered inside of them. The baskets are secured to the car seat with a single loop that hooks over the head rest and another one that can be locked in the back, just like a belt. There’s usually an interior loop where your dogs’ leashes can be hooked into, so they can’t leap out when you’re driving. These are nice options since your dogs can lay down in a cushioned seat while you’re on the road.

These tend to be better options for smaller dogs, though. Since you have to lower and lift your dog in and out of these, you don’t want to use them if you have larger dogs. The most important factor when it comes to picking one out? Size. You’ll want to ensure you buy a big enough size, depending on your pet’s weight. The site Top Dog Tips recommends Solvit’s Tagalong Pet Booster Seat.


These can be the most convenient option, since chances are high you already have one in your home. If your dogs are already comfortable inside a crate, even better. You won’t have to get them to used to a new option. You just have to ensure the crate is firmly secured in the car. Use some straps to do this. As with the other options, you’ll want to consider the size of your pets to ensure the crate is perfect for your furry friends.


A harness works just like a seat belt. Your dogs sit on the bench of the car and are secured. This is a good option for larger dogs since it’s easier for you to get your pet in and out of the car. Smaller dogs might be dwarfed by larger harnesses. You’ll want to ensure your pets are comfortable, too. Forbes recommends the Sleepy Harness. During crash tests, the model dog remained restrained at all times.

The Right Car

If you know you’ll be taking trips with your dogs, you’ll want to ensure you purchase a used car that’s big enough to hold them. Look for ones with a bench seat, so you can use a harness or bucket seat. Removable seats are another great option if you want to place a crate inside. Sites like DriveTime offer a variety of choices, so you can pick the best one for you and your dogs.

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