How To Choose The Perfect Pet Dog Name

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How To Choose The Perfect Pet Dog Name

Adopting a new pet dog is an exciting experience, but in some cases you’ll bring them back to their new home only to realise that they still don’t have a name.

The naming process can be difficult, especially if other members of your family are all campaigning for their favourites and for their voices to be heard.

The most important thing to remember is that whatever you end up calling your dog, this name will be used for the rest of their life; so here’s how you go about making a sensible decision.

Observe physical traits

First of all, does your dog have any physical treats that could be used to make up a name? For example, if your Jack Russell is white with a black circle covering his eye, you could call him Patch or Smudge.

Markings, distinctive colours, or aspects of their appearance can all be used to think of a suitable name and in most cases it will be obvious in a park full of dogs whose attention you are trying to get. 

Personal meaning

Another tactic to use is to attribute a name that’s personal to you and has a lot of meaning attached to it.

Perhaps you could call them after a close relative, a city abroad that you love, the location where you first met your partner, or a name that relates to the time of year you bought your pet.
If the name you choose has a personal meaning then your pet will remind you of good times and memories and it will be much more enjoyable to say as well.    

Individual characteristics

Once your dog begins exploring and running around their new home, see if you can spot any characteristics they have that remind you of a famous person or character. If so, you might be able to come up with a few contenders for their name this way. 

For example, Odie, Snoopy, Pluto and Droopy are all cartoon names that could make the cut, but perhaps you could name them after a famous president, or a huge film or sports star.

If the name fits the bill and relates to their characteristics then you’re guaranteed to be onto a winner.

Unique names

It might take you a little longer to craft, but if you can find a really unique name for your dog then you’ll break away from tradition.

Some of the most popular dog names for 2013 include Alfie, Bella, Poppy, Max and Oscar, so start thinking outside the box and see what crazy, weird and wacky names you can come up with.

Remember that you will need to feel comfortable shouting this name in public though, so refrain from going for anything too outrageous.

Keep it simple

Simple is always worth going for too. If your dog’s name becomes too long or difficult to pronounce then you may run into problems further down the line.

In contrast, if it’s easy to say then it will be quicker to get their attention and keep them under control. Plus you won’t have to explain what their name is, how to say it, or how to spell it to other people asking about your new furry friend.

Gender specific

Finally, you may have come up with a handful of ideal names, but make sure they relate to the gender of your pet – unless you don’t mind being questioned by other people.

Bailey or Roxy for example wouldn’t be suitable for a male in the same way that Jack and Harvey won’t really work for a female.

It might make for awkward conversation if you have to explain that your pet has a female name but is actually a male and vice-versa, so choose wisely.

Over to you

With these top tips at your disposal, it’s now over to you to come up with a handful of names and narrow them down before making a final choice.

Why not get the whole family involved? It will be much easier to put your minds together and come up with a suitable selection to choose from.

Best of luck in naming your new pet dog, we hope that you’ll end up with a name that you will be happy with for many years to come.

This post was written by  Time for Paws , a leading online pet supplies, food, and accessories store.

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