Man’s Best Friend Hits the Road: Doggie Road Trip Tips

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Doggie Road Trip Tips

Going on a road trip with your furry friend can be a blast, but while on the open road you can run into problems either with your car, or when visiting parks, beaches, and going on hikes. If you’re planning a road trip with your favorite pawed pal, here are some items things to consider to avoid any issues.

Road Advice

Though you’ll both be able to explore the great outdoors on your trip, you’ll also spend a fair share of your time in the car. If your dog becomes a nuisance while in transit, tries to jump onto your lap, whines, and can’t behave himself, a carrying case is a must-have item. Many dog owners use carrying crates for their dogs sleeping space, so transferring your best friend’s bed into the car can make your dog feel more at home while on the road.

On The Hike

While exploring the trails, let your dog do some of the work. Doggie backpacks allow them to carry water bowls, food, and toys for when you reach your destination. However, not all dog backpacks are made equal. Some detach from the main body of the pack so you can easily access anything your dog is carrying, while others don’t.

Once on the trail your dog will undoubtedly want to explore all the new smells. This usually isn’t a problem, but sometimes it’s safest to have keep your dog on a leash. If your dog isn’t the best mannered one, there will be times you can’t control him with mere words. A leash is all that will stop him from chasing deer, rabbit, or fox deep into the woods in cases like these.

While your dog can drink out of the streams without getting sick, you shouldn’t risk it. Make sure to bring a water purification system with you if you’re going to drink from the streams or lakes while camping.

Dog Behavior

While a leash and travel crate can keep your dog in check, they both defeat the purpose of your adventures. Training your dog is important so that it will listen to you and obey. To be prepared for the dangers of travel, you’re not the only one who needs to have their wits about them. Take your dog to a trainer, take classes, and make sure your dog will listen to you in case of emergencies.

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